From beginning to band. We are building an empire. One experience, one day, one love at a time.

An Old One.

I found this in my older writings from two years ago around this time. Thought I would share :)  —Steph

i sit and stare blankly
listening to words
words of people
generously pouring out emotion
spill out on the floor
i feel the need to mop it up
before it hits my feet
or perhaps i should pour it
into a coffee cup
slowly taking it in
i just realized how cold i am
or maybe i can save it for warmer weather
take my shoes off
or take everything off
and bathe in it
so that i will know
what it feels like
to feel again.

Here’s some new album/band art by the lovely Cynthia.

The Thought of Leaving Here

Let’s wait for a slow one
We’ll dance chest to chest
And forget all the ones that we hurt

You whisper words of promise
Those children we were
Tonight can be found once again

Child you, can you feel him?
The way that he moves in your arms?
Words you, you turn untrue
After a year what’s left to fear
Except for the thought of leaving here

The Clock says, “Why are you waiting?
It’s been over a year
And child you’ve much overslept.

Wake child from your grieving
Fancy a boy
Who barely adds up to it all.”

But Clock you, you can’t feel him
The way that he moves in my arms
Words you, you turn untrue
After a year what’s left to fear
Except for the thought of leaving here

Boy you, you call me her name
The lesson that’s learned
Is we can’t help the one that we love

And those children stumble back to
Those bodies that left them
That want much more than they need

But boy you, you can’t feel you
The way that you move in my arms
Your words you, you turn untrue
After a year, what’s left to fear
Except for the thought of leaving here.

The beginning of the beginning…

Hello all. Stephanie here. I figure I will be the one posting… because I’m a woman. And blogging is apparently woman’s work. Iris’ laptop is about to die so I will make this snappy. I’m sitting in the studio. Nate is recording drums. The EP is almost done. After today we just need to get the guitar tracks done and VOILA! we will have tunes for your earbuds. We’re thinking December… ish. The ETA for the full album is unknown but it shouldn’t be toooo much longer.

This band journey has been an interesting one thus far. We’ve been working with the brilliant Mike Roper. Check out his facebook page Musibility or follow him on twitter…

We now have a twitter as well.

As soon as we have some tracks ready we will get them online. Promise.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)

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